Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 43: making the lined inner box

The assembly of the Home Sweet Home workbox by Carolyn Pearce is coming on, now. Here’s how I made the lining for the box. First, to be sure of the lining actually fitting inside the box, I taped together the mount board pieces with masking tape, and checked that the shape would easily slide in and out of the main body of the box (allowing room for when the mount board would be covered in fabric, too).

Make 11

The box lining has risers fixed at the base of each panel, for the inner tray to sit on. These riser pieces have to be an eighth of an inch in from each edge than the panel they sit on, so that when the panels are in their final position, the risers sit neatly touching each other. So, I made a dry run of that process, too, to make sure everything fitted together, and then labelled each piece.

Make 12

Once I’d laced the lining fabric over each piece of mount board, I positioned the relevant riser on each panel (lining up the stripes, too – a bit of a nightmare!) .

Make 13

Holding the two pieces tightly, I Ladder stitched around the sides and the bottom edge (but not the upper edge – that is left unstitched).

Make 14

Once the risers had been attached to all four panels, I Ladder stitched the wall linings together, from the outside.

Make 15

Then I measured the size for the base lining panel, covered the mount board with fabric, and attached it in the same way that I had done with the base of the outer box (using my plastic container to support the box shape on while I stitched, again). None of these pieces were padded with felt first.

Make 16

Next up is making the lining pieces for the roof.


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9 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 43: making the lined inner box”

  1. Oh I do look forward to your posts in this series! I can see how fiddly it must be trying to match up all those pieces with that fabric pattern and to make them fit together accurately. You must have a lot of patience. 🙂 It’s really interesting seeing the inside construction behind all the pretty embroidery.

  2. Great explanation. Now I know how to line a crazy quilt box I covered and wasn’t happy with. Thank you.

  3. I am about to start putting my box together and following you with interest. I have not purchased a lining fabric yet so I think I might steer away from stripes.

  4. I just started to work on the final side, which is the front. I’ve not seen your blog, all the information you’ve put is really great for anyone not used to box making, also the comments you made about the threads used. They are lovely but very expensive for such a small quantity you need. Just as you did I spent hours looking through mine own and only needed to purchase a few extra ones.
    Thank you..

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