My business is 20 years old! Read all about it!

I started my business selling miniature needlepoint kits for doll’s houses 20 years ago this year – and the time has really flown! This week, Artisans in Miniature free online e-magazine has an article about my business over the years, and features some ‘blasts from the past’ about the milestones along the way.

Issue 58 cover March 2016

Read the article in this month’s issue on page 8 to see how the doll’s house hobby has changed in the past few years…and also how I’ve changed! For instance, this image below accompanied my first ever article in Doll’s House World magazine, in 1996.

archive010-500 wide

The magazine (which is FREE!) also has many interesting how-to articles, eye candy and adverts from the very best professional miniaturists in the hobby at the moment. The magazine is published every couple of months – the whole back catalogue of issues can be found on their website, too, and is well worth looking through.


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