Look what my clever customer has done!

This little doll’s house firescreen is one of the kits I sell on my website – it’s called ‘Nouveau Iris‘, as it’s based on an Art Nouveau tile, and is of a stylised iris flower. It is to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze with one strand of Anchor thread. I’ve been selling this kit for years, but I’ve never seen exactly what any of my customers have done with the ones that they buy from me…until now!


One of my customers, called Sue, recently sent me some images of her doll’s house room, with the firescreen that she had made from one of my kits. The room is a very pretty one, decorated in shades of cream and blue, so the firescreen goes really well with the decor. But what I really liked was what Sue had done with the design. Not only had she made the firescreen, but she had then used the iris motif to make a matching carpet to go in front of the fireplace. She stitched the carpet on 22 count canvas using DMC thread, and repeated the design three times, to make this:

Nouveau iris carpet by Sue Cooke 2015

Isn’t it great? Here’s the carpet and firescreen (and, if you look closely, some scatter cushions with the same design on!), in her doll’s house room:

Nouveau iris carpet by Sue Cooke 2015 roomset

I have many more examples of miniature needlepoint that my customers have stitched, on my website, on the Customers’ Stitching page. They make great eye candy!


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5 thoughts on “Look what my clever customer has done!”

  1. Wow! Very pretty and such a great idea. Love it. I just posted a finished fire screen on my blog. It’s not as clever as the one you’ve posted, but I’d be honored if you’d take a peek.
    Thank you

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