Etui chart pack from Just a Thought – a not-so-new addition to my stash!

Have you ever bought some embroidery supplies and ‘put them away for now’….and then ages later, found them again? I did that this week with a chart pack that I bought a few years ago. As it’s very flat, I put it on my bookshelf…and promptly forgot all about it!

It’s a chart pack from Just a Thought. Judy Odell used to design these little folding etui sets – her website seems to be empty of kits and charts now though. I remember seeing this design first on Pinterest, and as I love etui sets, I found out who the chart was by, and sent off for the chart pack. Good thing I did, if they’re not available any more  🙂

Etui 3

This is an image from the chart pack, showing how the etui looks when it’s unfolded. The design uses only three colours, and various counted stitches as well as cross stitch.

Etui 2

The inside has pockets for scissors, threads and a pincushion. I’ve bought some variegated thread in similar shades to those shown in the photo below, as I just love this colourway.

Etui 1

I won’t be doing a stitchalong with this one, as Judy discourages that, as she’s a finisher herself. But when I get it completed, I’ll show you then  🙂


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7 thoughts on “Etui chart pack from Just a Thought – a not-so-new addition to my stash!”

    1. I’m addicted to making etuis. Unfortunately, there aren’t many available as kits, as the bits and pieces to make one always make them kind of fiddly, with many components, and many options for personalising….so kits aren’t very profitable/successful. Judy Odell, who used to sell these chart booklets, even seems to have stopped selling these. if come across anyone else, I’ll let you know 🙂

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