Victoria Sampler Candy Cane Cottage (Gingerbread Village series) 5: completing the windows

I’ve completed all of the cross stitch and beading on the Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage from Victoria Sampler now, so I just need to complete the windows, then I can assemble it. This cottage, unlike the Gingerbread Stitching House etui that I made last year, is made as a closed model, and is not made to be ‘opened’, so the construction is much simpler.

Here are all the panels, ready to be assembled:

Candy 13

Before I can put the house together, I need to fill in the windows. This is done by cutting out small pieces of yellow cotton fabric, and fixing them behind each of the windows with pieces of iron-on interfacing, cut about 1/4 of an inch larger all round than the yellow fabric.

Candy 14

When that was done, I pressed the seam allowances down close to the edges of the backstitched outlines of each piece, and also at 45 degrees across all the corners. Then I trimmed the seam allowances to half an inch all round. Pressing before trimming makes the job far easier to do!

Candy 16

Now I just need to assemble each panel, and my cottage will be finished!


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