Victoria Sampler Candy Cane Cottage (Gingerbread Village series) 4: 2 long sides and base

This little Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage from Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler is proving to be a great little project to do – interesting stitches and beading, and really pretty, too!

I’m now up to the part where I am stitching the two long sides of the cottage. The snow is stitched first, and then the windows. This is the back of the cottage, as I’m just starting on one of the hardanger windows:

Candy 12

I then got a bit carried away, and didn’t take any more photos until I’d completed the second long side, and stitched on  all the embellishments! You’ll just have to imagine all the stages!!

Candy 11

The stitched model in the chart booklet for this cottage is not lined – it doesn’t have a base to it at all. I prefer to make mine with a base on it, so I counted out the number of threads along the short and long sides of the panels I’ve already completed, and stitched a rectangle to those dimensions, so that I can make a base that will fit.

Candy 15

This image above shows the base piece, once I had ironed the seam allowances down, and also ironed it at 45 degree angles across the corners. This will make it easier to mount on the cardboard stiffener that is needed when assembling it into a 3D house.


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