Victoria Sampler Candy Cane Cottage (Gingerbread Village series) 3: the snowman side and roof

Here is my progress this week on the Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage building by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler in Canada.

I’ve completed one of the ‘short ends’ of the cottage – now I’m starting on the other one. This side features a snowman, defined with some back stitch among the cross stitch.

Candy 7

The windows, as before, are hardanger, and will be lined later with yellow fabric to indicate light coming from inside the house. The beads and features buttons are what really make this little house so great to do, though – they really set it off.

Candy 8

The roof is stitched on a blue-grey evenweave fabric. The white ‘snow’ is stitched first.

Candy 9

Then the tiny ‘gingerbread’ buttons, and white star buttons, are attached.

Candy 10

The backstitch outlines for each piece are necessary, not just to define the edges, but they will also be needed in the assembly, when each piece is mounted onto card, and the backstitch edges laced together to hold the shape of the little house.


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