Victoria Sampler Candy Cane Cottage (Gingerbread Village series) 2: finishing the tree side

Here’s my progress on the Gingerbread Village Candy Cane Cottage, designed by Thea Dueck from Victoria Sampler. The ground floor hardanger windows that I stitched last time have now been completed with the addition of the Dove’s Eye stitch in the top third of each window. They took a bit of practice, and grew progessively neater as I got used to doing the stitch!

Candy 4

This project uses lots of beads – far more than on the Gingerbread Stitching House, which I made last year. They are pearly white ones, and metallic red ones, size 11, I think. They really make the little house look very Christmassy.

Candy 5

The project pack that I bought along with the chart from Sew and So also included these lovely sequins, the star button, and other shades of seed beads for the decorations on the tree.

Candy 6

The windows will eventually be backed with coloured cotton fabric, to indicate light shining from within the house, but I will do that for all four sides, just before the final assembly of the building.


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