Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 30: making the tassel, and then the tape measure cover is finished!

The tape measure cover from Carolyn Pearce’s book ‘Home Sweet Home; an embroidered workbox’ is almost finished – I only needed to make the tassel for the actual tape measure now. I got together all the beads that I’d need, to match the scissor keeper that I’d previously made. They included two ‘mirror finish’ green beads, an 8mm cloisonne bead, a 9mm bicone gold bead, three little gold spacer beads and an olive green seed bead for the very end, all from my stash.

Tape 25

In her book, Carolyn suggests making the tassel using beading wire, but that assumes that you have a tape measure where you can get the plastic bit off the end first. With mine, I couldn’t do that. So I had to incorporate the white plastic bit, which wasn’t ideal, but I came up with a cunning plan.

I threaded the beads onto a length of Anchor stranded cotton first (2 strands), going through all beads once, then going back up the line through all except the seed bead at the end. Then, taking the two ends of Anchor thread, I threaded them in opposite directions though the loop at the end of the tape measure, tied them in a knot at the back, and glued the ends down on the reverse side of the plastic tab. Then I stuck a sequin on each side of the plastic tab, to disguise what I’d done. As I say, it wasn’t ideal, but I’m fairly pleased with how it looks. Here’s the back, before sticking the sequin on:

Tape 26

This is the front, before sticking the sequin on to hide the green Anchor thread.

Tape 27

So, now the tape measure cover is complete, and, despite the hiccups, I’m pleased with how it has turned out.

Tape 32

It’s a good addition to the collection of smalls.

Tape 28

This is the reverse, showing the little strawberry flower.

Tape 30

And here’s the sequin, disguising the thread that ties on the tassel.

Tape 31

Pretty, isn’t it?


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7 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 30: making the tassel, and then the tape measure cover is finished!”

    1. Thanks – no, it’s not the last, although I’ve got a (small) heap of ‘smalls’ now, to go in the actual workbox when I get around to making that. There’s still a thread cutter cover (which is worn like a necklace) to make, and a fabric thread counter thingy, which is two tapestry needles attached to a little cord, so that you can put one needle in your fabric and count a certain distance and then put the other needle in, to check the fabric count against a ruler. I don’t think that will take long to make, but the thread cutter cover will.

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