The new issue of Artisans in Miniature free imag is out!

There’s a new issue of the Artisans in Miniature FREE online magazine this month – have you seen it yet?

AIM issue 55 August 2015 - 1

It’s got 76 pages of news about miniatures, wonderful articles about doll’s house scale minis in several scales, and inspirational pictures to make you drool!

Here is one of the pages featuring tiny scale furniture and accessories: AIM issue 55 August 2015 - 2

This article explains how to make a wig for a doll’s house scale doll: AIM issue 55 August 2015 - 3

This article shows lots of ideas for miniature gardens and flower arrangements: AIM issue 55 August 2015 - 4

And at the back of the magazine, as always, there are short news items about professional miniaturists and what they have been up to recently: AIM issue 55 August 2015 - 5

It’s always a good read, and even better, it’s FREE!! Why not go and have a look at the Artisans in Miniature website to read the latest issue now?


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