Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 22: starting the needlebook

I’m moving on to making the needlebook from Carolyn Pearce’s book ‘Home Sweet Home: an embroidered workbox’ now.

Needlebook 1

Here is the design drawn out on the fabric using fine pencil. The first piece of padding for the snail has been stitched in place.

Needlebook 2

I stitched the stems using whipped chain stitch and knotted pearl stitch.

Needlebook 3

The curlicues of the pea stems were stitched using stem stitch, and the centre of the pea pod using large chain stitches.

Needlebook 4

This looks a bit messy, close up! The chain stitches have been interlaced each side with Kreinik Very Fine Braid, with the loops couched down on the outside edges.

Needlebook 5

Then I added a tiny cupped sequin , attached with a seed bead number 11 on top of each one, to each chain stitch.

Needlebook 6

Then I stitched whipped chain stitch round the outline of the pea pod itself.

Needlebook 7

The sepals of the pea pod were covered in long and short stitch shading, using two shades of variegated thread.

It all looks a bit coarse at this magnification – the real thing is very small….the pea pod is barely an inch long in real life!


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2 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 22: starting the needlebook”

  1. I am enjoying seeing your stitching of the sewing box. I have the book and it is one of the ‘really want to do’ list. It is great to see what you are doing and will be a great help when I finally get down to mine.

  2. I love the little peas in the peapod! They are so cute! I’m so enjoying watching you create this series of needlework accessories. 🙂

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