Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 19: the thimble holder’s top

This week I have been embroidering the top of the thimble holder from Carolyn Pearce’s book ‘Home Sweet Home: an embroidered workbox’.

The top features a little heartsease flower, and is only about an inch across. I started by stitching all the outlines with split back stitch, to define the edges. The top two petals then have one layer of satin stitch padding worked over them, inside the lines of split back stitch, before doing the top layer in long and short stitch.

Thimble 5

The two lemon yellow petals and the lower purple petal each have two layers of satin stitch padding (at right angles to each other) before the long and short stitch top layer is done, so that they are more raised than the other petals.

Thimble 6

This is the flower once the long and short stitch is finished, and a central French knot is stitched in deep gold silk (sorry it’s a bit fuzzy!).

Thimble 7

The flower is completed by the addition of highlights done in deep purple, and two fly stitches around the central French knot. Four leaves are then worked in fishbone stitch (one of them came out a bit wonky, unfortunately!)

Thimble 8


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2 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 19: the thimble holder’s top”

  1. Lovely! I’ve been so entranced by your work from Carolyn Pearce’s work box that I sent away for one and am waiting impatiently for its arrival. I just hope my work is half as lovely as yours.

    1. It’s a lovely project to work on – it just takes a long time! But it’s not difficult, and the end result is really good. I hope you enjoy making your own one 🙂

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