Inspirational photos of doll’s house interiors to see on my website

Have you seen the ‘Customers’ Stitching‘ page of inspirational images on my website, sent in by other stitchers who have made beautiful things for their dollhouses? There are dozens of images, on lots of different themes, featuring all kinds of mini stitching that people have made from my needlepoint kits and charts. If you’re stuck for ideas, or just want to spend a while looking at beautiful mini interiors, this is the place to look!

Two new groups of photos have just been added this week. The first is of an amazingly detailed Georgian style room by Deborah, who liked the ‘Carole pastel’ carpet design, but her room was very large and the carpet size wasn’t right for her room, so she adapted the design and repeated the central area four times to make it suitable for the size of her room. She also changed the colour scheme slightly. The results are fantastic! Here’s a sneak preview of her page:


Natalia is from Russia, and has sent in several images before, so she already has her own page on my website. Her latest images show the stitching she has done for a friend of hers, who loves floral interiors. Here’s one of them:


Don’t forget that all the carpets, staircarpets and wallhangings in my range are available as chart packs as well as full kits, so if you like the challenge of adapting designs, then this is the ideal way to go. Project-sized pieces of canvas and gauze are available.

Of course, if you just like to stitch using kits, there are over 250 of those to choose from, too!



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