My new sewing pouch – 3

The sewing pouch that I have made from a demi kit for a lingerie bag from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes just needed a needle book to be complete. The scissor keeper (see the previous post on this project) came out very well, but I have got a lot of projects on the go at the moment, and I was getting a bit restless with this one – I wanted it finished!

I decided that a needle book would take too long, but a needle roll would be quicker, and still do the job. I wanted the needle roll to have a motif on it from the main sewing pouch, like the scissor keeper did, so I took a couple of flowers from the bottom edge of the flower border framing the little bird.

Parisiennes 05

I made the lining of the needle roll from a piece of doctor flannel. This is wonderful stuff, and much better than using felt. However, it’s not easy to buy any more. I bought mine a few years ago from Australia – half a yard – and it cost an arm and a leg for the postage to the UK! But it was worth it. I made a twisted cord to edge the roll with, and attached it in the same way as for the scissor keeper, leaving a long loop as before, to attach the roll to the sewing pouch loops.

Parisiennes 11

This is the finished project, with the scissor keeper on the left, and the needle roll on the right, tightly wound into a tube, and held closed with a green aventurine bead.

Parisiennes 12

They can both be held securely inside the sewing pouch by attaching each one via its loop to the loop on the lining.

Parisiennes 13

Now, I can add whichever project I am working on at any time to the pouch, and put it in my luggage when I’m travelling, knowing that I’ll definitely have both scissors and spare needles to hand to use when I need to.

I’ve really enjoyed making this project. It didn’t take too long, it’s really pretty, I will be able to use it rather than just look at it, and it was a great Christmas present from my husband.


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3 thoughts on “My new sewing pouch – 3”

  1. How clever! I love how the little pouches attach to the bag AND I love the needle case. I have been looking for a way to make needle cases for each of my major needle types because I always get them mixed up. A few little ones may be a better idea than one big one. Love it!

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