My new sewing pouch – 2

Now that I have finished the demi cross stitch kit for a lingerie bag from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes (which I am actually going to use as a sewing pouch), I have decided to make a scissor keeper and needle book to match.

Parisiennes 05

The bag instructions didn’t suggest any way to keep the bag closed, so I decided to stitch three press studs along the top edge – just enough to hold the bag closed without it being too heavy a closure. Then I made a fine twisted cord from two shades of thread left over from the embroidery, and made two short loops. I plan to attach the scissor keeper and needle book to these loops with longer loops stitched to their sides, to hold them in place inside the bag.

Parisiennes 06

I made a pattern for the scissor keeper from paper, and tacked around it onto a piece of 28 count linen to transfer the shape.

Parisiennes 07

I didn’t have a piece of linen exactly the same shade of cream as the flap of the sewing pouch, but it’s near enough.

Parisiennes 08

I used a piece of the design from the centre of the sewing pouch as the motif on the scissor keeper front.

Parisiennes 09

I found a pretty piece of printed cotton in my stash of doll’s house dress fabrics, which is about 15 years old, and has always been ‘too pretty to use’, up to now! It was ideal for the lining of the scissor keeper. I put the two fabrics right sides together and back stitched along the seam line, leaving a small gap along one of the straight sides for turning through. Then I made another piece of twisted cord, and attached it around the edge of the keeper, leaving a long loop on one side so that I could loop that piece through the other loop on the sewing pouch to keep the scissor keeper secure inside the bag.

Parisiennes 10

The closure is a green aventurine 8mm bead.

Now I need to make the needle book!


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One thought on “My new sewing pouch – 2”

  1. Simply delightful. I love what you are adding.
    I have finally started my pouch after much ado. The silk threads colour match wasn’t quite right, and my first flower came out quite wrong because of it. I then had to order the DMCs I did not have, and have now done quite a bit. I am only using 3 silk colours, the rest DMC cotton. I am very happy with it now. Just as well, as I find cross stitching with silk really fiddly, but the sheen is beautiful. With the cotton I embroider much faster. I am using mostly cottons now. The colours are beautiful.
    Thank you for calling our attention to such a beautiful item. I find your blog very practical and useful, with items I am actually interested in doing.

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