Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 12: adding the lid of the spoolholder

This is how I made the top of the spoolholder for the Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home Workbox, from her book. I cut a piece of plastic, and a piece of interlining, with a hole cut in the centre of each.

Spoolholder 33

Then I cut another piece of thicker interlining, with a slightly larger diameter, which went just a bit over the edge of the plastic.

Spoolholder 34

The top of the spoolholder has an eyelet stitched in the centre, for the thread from the spool to emerge, so as I attached the fabric to the sandwich of plastic and interlining, I had to make sure that the eyelet matched up with the hole behind it. I made running stitches around the edge of the embroidered piece with quilting thread, and gathered it up tightly over the plastic, padded side against the reverse of the embroidery.

Spoolholder 35

Then I laced across the back of the fabric to hold the seam allowance down, making sure that I avoided the eyelet area.

Spoolholder 36

I did the same process on a piece of the lining fabric, having stitched an eyelet in the centre first. Then I slip stitched the two circles together, back to back.

Spoolholder 37

To attach the round top to the embroidered wall piece, I placed pins in the very edge of the circular top – placing them at the quarter points first, then adding more pins equally until the top was securely held. This was quite tricky, as the top kept twisting sideways!

Spoolholder 38

Then I slip stitched the top to the tube, removing the pins as I did so.

Spoolholder 39

Using a thread of a similar colour to the fabric, this was a very neat join, which will later be covered with Knotted Pearl Stitch.

Spoolholder 40

I finished this part late in the evening, so this photo is rubbish, but it is supposed to show the lining of the spoolholder at this point!

Spoolholder 41

All I need to do next is to attach the base, and it will be finished.


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3 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 12: adding the lid of the spoolholder”

  1. That is looking really lovely, I can see how tricky it must have been to assemble. I think the smaller a project is, the harder it can be to make it look as neat you’ve managed. 🙂

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