Gingerbread Stitching House 2: a hardanger window, and the roof

The back panel of the Gingerbread Stitching House by Victoria Sampler that I am stitching has a hardanger window, which is then backed with contrasting fabric to give the impression of light showing from inside the building. I hadn’t ever done hardanger before, as it doesn’t really appeal to me as a technique. For a while, I considered altering the design and just working it all in cross stitch but then I thought I’d have a go anyway, and was surprisingly pleased with the result.





The roof is stitched all in white, using cross stitch and various counted thread stitches. This was pretty when it was finished, but BORING BORING BORING to stitch. I remembered, part way through, that I don’t like stitching with white. Pretty stupid to decide to stitch a design that features lots of decorative ‘snow’, then, really, wasn’t it?!


I also realised that, as I’d substituted an Anchor stranded cotton for the Kreinik Mori thread that was suggested in the chart pack, the whites I was using weren’t all the same shade of white, and in some types of lighting, that notices. DMC Perle 12 and 8 White are not the same as Anchor stranded cotton number 01 White. Oh well. All of that is disguised somewhat by the beads and buttons that are stitched on last, as they grab the attention much more, fortunately.



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10 thoughts on “Gingerbread Stitching House 2: a hardanger window, and the roof”

  1. Janet, if you’ve never done hardanger before, I must say that you’ve done a very professional job. Your stitching is wonderful, but what did I expect? As for the white, in this case, I really think that the whites could be different if it landed on different places on the roof. As you say, the beads and baubles more or less disguise it anyway. Of course, can’t see it in the pictures. Nice job for sure. I have all the gingerbread village to stitch yet, but NOT this year.

    1. Thank you!! I’m still not sure if I like doing Hardanger much – I’ll have to do more of it, to be sure. The problem with the different shades of white on the roof is that it isn’t up to me where I can put them, to minimise the differences in shades, really. Some of the stitches need to be stitched in thicker threads, so I have to use them where the design calls for them. But now that the beads and buttons are on, it really disguises the differences in the whites.

  2. Beautiful! Since hardanger is traditionally done with white or ecru maybe that is why it didn’t appeal, but now it is being done with overdyed pearls and some of them are stunning. You should try more.

  3. This is just so pretty. But I sympathize with the boring boring boring part. Some projects are like that –gorgeous, but painstakingly, agonizingly boring to stitch. At least your project is relatively small and has a lot of fun and different elements and stitches

  4. Janet, although you have said that you have never done the hardanger before, I must say, you have created a very nice and neat design. The beads and buttons are giving an amazing look to the design. Shining buttons may look even more beautiful and using different colors will go pretty well with this design. I personally never work on hardanger, but after looking your design, I will start one.

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