Kit review: beautiful beaded fuchsia flower necklace set from Spellbound Beads in Lichfield

It was my birthday a little while ago, and one of the presents I got was this lovely necklace and earrings kit from Spellbound Beads, in Lichfield. I love making bead jewellery! This is what was included in the box (except for the thread grippers in the top right hand corner, and the purple ruler at the bottom):
Beaded fuchsia flower necklace 1


All I needed to supply extra was round nose pliers and wire cutters, which I already had.


Beaded fuchsia flower necklace 2


I first made up the stamens, in two lengths.


Beaded fuchsia flower necklace 3


Then I assembled the beaded flowers – five for the necklace, and one each for the earrings.
Beaded fuchsia flower necklace 4


The colours of seed beads included in the kit are lovely – all pinky-purple shades.
Beaded fuchsia flower necklace 5

It only took about two hours to complete, and I’m really pleased with the set. I altered the fixings for the earrings to be clip-ons, as I don’t have pierced ears, but other than that I made them up exactly as per the instructions, which were very clear. The fuchsia flowers hang nicely when the necklace is on, with the flowers sort of  ‘looking forward’, due to the way they are strung on.

The kit is called ‘Amanda Simples fuchsia flower necklace set’, and is available for £9.95 from the Spellbound Bead shop here (a bricks & mortar shop, but they do mail order too).  There is also a pale pink colourway available.

Pretty, isn’t it?


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One thought on “Kit review: beautiful beaded fuchsia flower necklace set from Spellbound Beads in Lichfield”

  1. I love Spellbound beads. They’re always at the craft shows I go to and a few years ago I bought one of their kits. I loved making it up, it was bead weaving with flowers and leaves. They have such a good range of kits and of seed beads

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