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I’ve recently started a Pinterest page for my embroidery kit business,  Janet Granger Dollhouse Needlepoint, but it’s already got much more on it than just stuff to do with my business! Screenshot 2014 Feb 06 I love collecting images of stuff – it’s great for inspiration when I’m designing new embroideries, but it’s also very interesting to see what other people love to collect images of. If you haven’t been on Pinterest, then you don’t know what you’re missing – especially if you like dollhouses and embroidery! There are millions of images of gorgeous embroidery on there, that you can search for easily, and then pin to your own boards. Stumpwork, ribbon embroidery, 3D embroidered items like sewing sets, little houses, pincushions, jewellery….every time I look there, there’s something new to pin. This is my board for ‘Embroidery’. Screenshot 4 And this is my board for miniatures that I’m thinking of buying for the miniature toy shop that I’m building at the moment. Pinterest is good as a ‘visual wishlist’ like this – save things to your board as and when you see them as you’re surfing, for later. The link directly back to the website you originally saw the item on will ensure you can find the website again. Much better than saving links to your Favourites folders, because it’s visual. You can easily add a ‘Pin it’ button to your toolbar in your browser, to make saving images really easy. Screenshot 3 One of the more specialised boards that I’m collecting images for is images of the ‘Celtic Ladies’ in cross stitch by Marilyn Leavitt Imblum of Lavender and Lace. One day, I’m hoping to stitch all five designs in the series, so at the moment I’m collecting together all the different versions, alternative colourways, fabric choices, and so on, that I have seen around the internet, to help me make my own choices later. There are some really lovely adaptations of the original charts in this set of images. Screenshot 2 I’ve also got boards for subjects not connected with crafts at all – for instance, I’ve got one for images of women with long grey hair. That’s because I’m growing my hair at the moment, and eventually I want it to be really long, but it has to grow through that awful messy stage first! The images on this board keep me from reaching for the scissors and giving up, because if I could get my hair really long, I could do lovely hairstyles….

One way of using Pinterest, which will be very good for readers of this blog, is that I have inserted a Widget in the right hand sidebar (just above the ‘Categories’ section) which will take you directly to the Pinterest board which has a visual index of all the posts I have ever written here – almost 200 so far. So, if you tend to be a ‘visual person’, you can now go to Pinterest by clicking on the Pinterest image on the right, and just browse for an embroidery or dollhouse-themed post by looking through the images, instead of reading down the list in the right hand sidebar here. When you find an image that takes your fancy, click on the image to open it up full-size, then click on the ‘Visit site’ button at the top of that page, and it will bring you back to the relevant post on this blog. Simples!  🙂

Any images from this blog, or from my website, can be saved to Pinterest for you to save to your own boards, and to share with others who love the same things as you!

Don’t forget, too, that if you send me images of your stitching that you have done from any of my kits and charts, preferably displayed in a dollhouse,  I’ll be able to put them on Pinterest, as well as on my Facebook page, and the Customers’ Gallery page on my website.  Email them to

My Pinterest page can be found here, so go and have a look, and if you like, ‘Follow me’ to see whatever I add to it.


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2 thoughts on “Follow me on Pinterest if you like embroidery and miniatures!”

  1. Hi Janet. I have just found my way to your blog through the stitchin fingers website. I just wanted to say how talented you are, I have enjoyed reading your blog. You’ve certainly given me lots of ideas and inspiration! Thank you.

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