Thimble purse with a twist: 1

I recently saw this sweet little thimble purse chart pack online, and just had to have it! There are several designs in the range by Brenda Gervais, but I like this ‘Home Sweet Home’ on the best. I got my chart pack from the UK website The Patchwork Rabbit for £9, and that included the tiny little purse frame. Here are my fabric and thread choices:

Thimble 01


I decided to use shades of teal and purple for the flowers and vine part of the design rather than the recommended brown shades, as I wear those colours a lot, and brown shades don’t suit me.


Thimble 02

The design itself was very quick and simple to do.  I stitched the design on 40 count linen, over two threads. I left off a couple of the letters from the chart, as I felt they might get ‘lost’ in the seams, so I only stitched what would definitely show.

Then I did my own design for the reverse side of the purse. I decided that I would use this neck purse as a ‘wasifa purse’ – that is, I want to wear it while it contains wasifas, or Islamic mantras, so that I remember to focus on the meanings all day while I am wearing the purse (I am Universal Sufi). So, I designed a simple backstitch alphabet five stitches high, and wrote out the letters that I wanted, and the Sufi flying heart emblem to put above the words:


Thimble 03

The three phrases mean ‘The Purity of God’, ‘All praise be to God’, and  ‘God is greater than all things’.


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