Dollhouse inspiration….from Denmark

Want to see some wonderfully inspirational miniature needlework?

I have a Danish customer called Annette, who has been buying my miniature needlepoint kits for doll’s houses for years. I had never seen photos of her doll’s house, so I wasn’t sure what she was doing with them once they were stitched….but now I know! She recently sent me lots of pictures, of several of her houses (she hasn’t got just one house). Below is a sampling of the photos that she sent. Many more can be found on the Customers’ Gallery page of my website HERE (her page of pictures is at the top).

Annette - Eleanor room

Annette’s houses are decorated to a very high standard. In this parlour, you can see the ‘Eleanor’ William Morris style carpet, with the Eleanor cushion on the chair to the right of the picture. You can also just see the matching footstool peeping out from under the skirt of the doll on the left. I love the cute little cat looking on, at the bottom right of the picture!

Annette - Kate oval pink

This pretty servant’s room features the ‘Kate oval pink’ rug on the floor (with a matching footstool too), and on the bed to the right are several cushions in pink colourways – from the left are Kate oval pink, Lilian pink and Bella. The carpet is stitched with Appleton’s crewel wool on 18 count canvas, and the cushions on 22 count canvas with two strands of Anchor stranded cotton.

Annette - Bella bathroom

I don’t often receive photos of my dollhouse needlepoint kits being displayed in dollhouse scale bathrooms, but this is a really good use of a round Bella carpet in an unusual setting! Can you spot the tiny baby having a bath?!

Annette - Jessica

A busy sewing corner, with a ‘Jessica’ Berlin woolwork style rug on the floor, an Elizabeth cushion (the pale green one) on one chair, and a Flora blue cushion (the blue one) on the other chair. I love the tiny cotton reels in this photo!

Isn’t Annette creative? Her houses are really beautiful.
If you’re tempted to have a go at stitching something for yourself or a friend, all the stitched items shown in the photos are available as kits from my online shop here.


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One thought on “Dollhouse inspiration….from Denmark”

  1. This looks lovely and very inspiring …
    I’m drawn to the miniature Royal Copenhagen coffecups etc.

    🙂 Lisbeth

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