Five-sided box 10: assembling the sides

Having done the embroidery for all five sides of my five-sided box, I now needed to assemble them all into something approximating the box I’d seen online which gave me the original idea for this piece.

First, I cut thin card templates for the sides, and two pentagons (one for the top and one for the base).

5 box 36

Then I made a kind of patchwork template – a card template with an aperture the size of the actual finished side that I wanted, and the outside of the card shape being the size I would cut the fabric to, to allow a seam allowance to fold over the other, actual size, card piece. Are you still with me? It’s easier to do than to describe! The aperture made it easy for me to centre the embroidery on the panel.

5 box 37

This is the Peony and Buttercup embroidered side, cut to size.

5 box 38

On the reverse, I trimmed the muslin I had used to strengthen the embroidery fabric, so that it was a touch smaller than the card panel that I was going to use, to cut down on bulk.

5 box 39

I used the same templates to make an identically sized lining piece, using a lovely cotton print that I’d bought on Ebay, in a bundle of fabrics with yellow tones, suitable for patchwork. Using PVA glue, I stuck the fabrics to each card shape, only putting glue around the very edges of the card panels, and folding over the seam allowances onto the glue.

5 box 40

I slip-stitched a lining piece to an embroidered piece, for all five sides, then with two embroidered pieces held together, lining sides facing, I laced the two together. Having done this one here, I realised I had laced them a bit too tightly, as I couldn’t open them out further than this, so I had to start again!!

5 box 41

When four of the five curved sides had been slip-stitched, the piece looked like this (late at night, as you can see from the terrible quality of the photo).

5 box 42

It was easier to slip-stitch the five panels to the pentagonal base while the piece wasn’t stitched into a round – I stitched the final curved side last.

5 box 43

At this point, I am quite pleased with how it’s turning out. Looks nice, doesn’t it?

5 box 44


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6 thoughts on “Five-sided box 10: assembling the sides”

    1. Well, for this project it was partly the ‘Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth’ book for the designs, and a crazy patchwork box that I saw online ages ago. But generally, I just see things that inspire me everywhere! I’ve got far more things that I want to do, than I have time for, really 🙂

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