Five-sided box 8: Pea and English daisy

I was looking forward to stitching this panel the most, out of all the motifs in the Flowers for Elizabeth book by Susan O’Connor, which I’m using as a basis for the motifs for this five-sided box.  I love stitching peas – almost as much as I like stitching strawberries!

This is the panel, after outlining the main areas:

5 box 29

The pea pods are padded with long satin stitches worked vertically, before the top layer of satin stitches are worked horizontally. The centre pea pod has ‘peas’ stitched on the pea area, which are supposed to give the impression of ‘pea bumps’ in the pods when they are finished, but I don’t think I padded mine enough, so they hardly show.

5 box 30

The daisies, however, came out really well. I first worked one complete round of lazy daisy stitches, using one strand of Anchor in pale pink. Then I did two more rounds, using off-white thread, so that the effect was one of white petals with just a hint of pink on them. The centres of the daisies are French knots in a sunny yellow.  Perfect!

5 box 31

I used a slightly variegated pink  silk thread for the daisy petals, for interest.

5 box 32

From this angle, you can see the padded pea pods, leaves, and layers of daisy petals.


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