Five-sided box 7: cornflower and strawberry motif

To finish off the Cornflower and Strawberry panel of my five-sided box, I just needed to stitch the strawberry flowers in the bottom right hand corner. The petals were outlined in split back stitch and filled with satin stitch padding, and then a top layer of satin stitchworked on top. Tiny yellow French knots filled the centre, and single lazy daisy stitches worked in dark green completed the flowers.

5 box 25

The leaves were stitched in straight stitches, with a line of stem stitch along the central vein.

5 box 26

This is how this panel looks, now that it is finished:

5 box 27

I’ve tried to show the effect of the satin stitch padding, and how much difference it makes to this design, by taking this sideways-on picture:

5 box 28

As I finish each panel, I keep thinking ‘I like this one best’….until I start the next one  🙂


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