Five-sided box 6: cornflower and strawberry motif

These cornflowers on the next panel of my five sided box were fun to do, and very quick. Only the rough outline of each flower needed to be drawn on the fabric. Then, fly stitches were placed individually all over the shape to be filled, in two close shades of a purply blue.

5 box 22

I still had to leave small bare areas between the petals on the full-face flower, to define it properly, which was a bit tricky. The bud was simple to do – just a few straight stitches.

5 box 23

To finish off each flower, I added a few straight stitches in deep navy and maroon, to give the effect of stamens. The sepals were more trellis stitch areas, and the leaves were done in rows of split back stitch.

5 box 24


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