Would you like some free mini Christmas projects to make?

On the Artisans in Miniature site in the run-up to Christmas there is a special feature called the ’12 Makes of Christmas’, which is well worth visiting. Each day, you can click on an image and go to a page that has a free project – so you could have twelve gorgeous things to make, that don’t cost you a thing!


Although I haven’t got any designs featured in the projects that are being offered this year, pictures of my Christmas stocking kits feature as the ‘doors’ to each of the 12 days, so click here to have a look, and start collecting your free projects!


If you fancy making your own doll’s house scale Christmas stockings from one of my kits, they are to be stitched on 40 count silk gauze with Rayon thread, and measure 1.4 inches high when complete. Everything you need is included in the kit, and they cost £9.50 each.


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One thought on “Would you like some free mini Christmas projects to make?”

  1. Janet you are so very very talented!!! I don’t know whether I’d be able to make anything even mildly resembling any of your noteworthy pieces but I’d really love to give some a try. I am grateful for the opportunity and thanks so much for sharing your talents.

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