Five-sided box 4: acorn and gillyflower motif

I’ve been looking forward to making the little acorns for my five-sided box. They first need a split back stitch outline, then satin stitch padding, and then satin stitch worked across the padding, to give a rounded effect.

5 box 15

A tiny straight stitch is worked at the end of each acorn.

5 box 16

The acorn cups are first made in the same way as the acorns.

5 box 17

Then, tiny French knots are made using just one strand of DMC thread, and one wrap round the needle. They are stitched all over the satin stitched base, covering it completely, to give a textured look.

5 box 18

This is the panel, once completed:

5 box 19

Nice, isn’t it?


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