Just launched today! Art Deco carpet kits for doll’s houses

If there’s one style of carpet kit for doll’s houses that I get asked to design more than any other these days, it’s Art Deco. A few years ago, all doll’s houses seemed to be made in the Victorian style. Georgian was sometimes an option, but more often, only Victorian style houses and furniture were produced. So, people wanted Victorian style soft furnishings to go with the houses that they’d bought.

But in the past few years, the doll’s house hobby has diversified hugely, and now almost any era is being catered for. More and more, Art Deco styles of house are being produced, so, obviously, those houses need some carpets to go in them  🙂

During the past summer, I started to design the new range of Art Deco carpets, based on authentic motifs and colour schemes. I have just launched the first four – more will follow in the spring of 2014. These are all to be stitched in needlepoint on 18 count white canvas (ample canvas is included in the kit, and the design is counted from a colour block chart). Each kit also contains Appleton’s crewel wool, detailed instructions, and a suitable needle. They can be bought here.

The new collection of doll's house scale Art Deco carpet kits
The new collection of doll’s house scale Art Deco carpet kits

I have around seventy carpets for doll’s houses in my range already, and I do love designing Victorian carpets – there are several dozen carpet kits on my website in the Victorian style. The carpet shown below measures 6 x 4 1/2 inches, and is a typical example of the swirling, strong design style that the Victorians loved.

A very traditional Victorian carpet design from my range, called 'Sarah'
A very traditional Victorian carpet design from my range, called ‘Sarah’

I have several Arts & Crafts designs in my range, too, such as this William Morris ‘Hammersmith’ carpet design which I call ‘Elizabeth’ – it measures 9 x 9 inches.


And then there’s the Art Nouveau style – I love this style, too. This one’s called ‘Josie’.


What do you think of the new designs? Do you like Art Deco as a decorating style? Or do you prefer the more traditional Victorian/Arts and Crafts kind of carpets? Or modern?


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3 thoughts on “Just launched today! Art Deco carpet kits for doll’s houses”

  1. I love that you expand the collection this way.
    I have a modern dolls house (Lyngby, from Sweden) so the art deco goes very well in it. (I think I will have to purchase it one day!).

    Best regards, Lisbeth

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