Illuminated Floral Stumpwork Panel – 9

This image below shows, on the left, the three leaves that go at the base of the stumpwork pinks on the gold diamond of the Illuminated Floral panel that I am making (a kit by Alison Cole). The three smaller leaves on the right are the leaves of the strawberries that will be attached on the bottom right hand corner of the panel. The filling stitch for the larger leaves is stem stitch, worked in a continuous spiral from the outside of each leaf, in to the centre. The strawberries are filled in with long and short buttonhole stitch, worked over the wire edging, so that the wire is covered and the centre of the leaf filled in in one go. These differences are what makes this kit very interesting to do – if all the fillings were the same, it would be boring to stitch!

Floral 18

The next piece of quilter’s muslin was used to make the star flower petals – all 15 of them. Each one was a slightly different shape.


I couldn’t manage to get them pointed enough at the ends for my liking, even with tweezers to pinch the wire at the tips of each petal, so my star flowers will look more like daisies! You can just see, in the picture, that the bottom three petals have a chip of Bright Check Purl added to the base of each petal, as accents. When Chris, my husband, saw this ring of little petals, he said it looked as if I was ‘making little sperms’. I suppose they do look a bit like that, with their little wiry tails!


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2 thoughts on “Illuminated Floral Stumpwork Panel – 9”

  1. Ha! Now that I’ve seen the sperms, I can’t unsee it.

    The variation in texture of the different stitches of the leaves looks wonderful. And the starflowers are going to look gorgeous with the Check Purl picking up the light.

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