A miniature carpet in a doll’s house scale office

One of my customers who lives in Russia, called Natalia, sent me these wonderful pictures last week, of a doll’s house scale office that she has made.

The room has got so much detail in it, it’s just greatl! The carpet in the centre of the room is one from my range of needlepoint kits and charts, and is called ‘Yvonne’. It is stitched on 18 count canvas. Natalia chose to stitch the design in her own colourway, to enhance the heavy Oriental look of the room.

Natalia's office 1

This is the carpet seen from above, to show the detail. She chose not to add fringing to the ends, so that when the carpet is in the room, the legs of the chairs can be clearly seen. She made the chair cushion from a cushion kit, but again, altered the colours and made the seat pad flat, to fit the chair.

Natalia's office 2

The original colourway of ‘Yvonne’ that I have in my range, which is available as a kit with 18 count canvas and Appleton’s crewel wools, looks like this, below. The matching cushion and staircarpet is also shown.

Yvonne collection

I have to say I think I like Natalia’s colours better than mine,  so I am working on a new colourway to my range now  🙂

Natalia’s pictures, along with dozens from other talented customers of mine, can be seen on the Customers’ Gallery page of my website.


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2 thoughts on “A miniature carpet in a doll’s house scale office”

  1. OK, I want that carpet in my living room, but what I really love about the office-as-a-whole? The CLUTTER! The absolutely perfectly authentic clutter. It looks exactly like the offices of at least two different former employers (both attorneys, btw), and it would look like my home office if I had such beautiful furniture . . . .

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