Want to know a secret?

I’ve got an article in the Artisans In Miniature magazine this month (the free ezine for doll’s house miniaturists), which spills the beans on how we recently took a whole new set of photos for my embroidery kit website. The article does a good expose (how do you get a keyboard to do accents?!) on the secrets involved in taking a good, close up picture of teeny tiny doll’s house items, and the economical (some would say ‘cheapskate’) methods we use to get good photos.

Issue 46 Website revamp May 2013 - First

We decided the website needed a good makeover a few months back, so we set out to re-take almost every image…and that’s quite a job, considering there are about 170 pages on the website! It took over four days, in the end.

Issue 46 Website revamp May 2013 - 4

The article is in Issue 46, and starts on page 58, if you’d like to have a look (the rest of the magazine is pretty good, too!).


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One thought on “Want to know a secret?”

  1. About to go and read this article – thank you so much! And to get an é you hold down the Alt key while you type 1 then 3 then 0, then let go of the Alt key. So, Alt 130. (I think Alt is Options on a Mac.) If you want to see all of the ‘Alt Codes’ they are listed http://alt-codes.net

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