New doll’s house firescreen kits launched today

I have just added four new firescreen kits to my miniature needlepoint kit website today. They have all been designed to complement existing items in my range, so if you like the matching look, these kits will help make your doll’s house rooms even better  🙂  You can choose from ‘Berlin Woolwork’ (a striking black and gold design with a multicoloured floral centre),  ‘Tree of Life’ (a plant with sweepinging stems, sporting fantastic flowers and leaves),  ‘Willow Pattern’ (traditional blue and white), or ‘Barbara green’ (flowers in shades of peach, on a trellis background).



Firescreens for doll's houses - each one measures two and three quarter inches high
Firescreens for doll’s houses – each one measures two and three quarter inches high

Each firescreen kit contains a piece of 32 count silk gauze, a colour block chart to count the design from, plenty of Anchor stranded cotton, detailed instructions, a suitable needle, and a white metal firescreen frame kit, which comes as three parts and simply needs gluing together and then painting with an enamel colour of your choice.

When finished, the firescreens measure two and three quarter inches high, by two inches wide.

They can be bought from the ONLINE SHOP now.  There is a FREE ONLINE TUTORIAL for the firescreen kits, if you’d like more detail about what making one of these kits involves.

The kits cost £19.95  each.


Here are images of the new firescreens, along with the other kits that co-ordinate with them:






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