Illuminated Floral Stumpwork Panel – 1

This is my new project – I’ve decided to go from the sublime to the ridiculous. Having done the ‘quick but a bit too simple’ pincushion doll, I’ve chosen to make this five inch square stumpwork panel, which will be fitted into a black satin box that I’ve had for ages, but not known quite what to do with. This will be a perfect piece of stitching for it.

These are the contents of the Illuminated Floral stumpwork panel kit, by Alison Cole
These are the contents of the Illuminated Floral stumpwork panel kit, by Alison Cole

The design is by Alison Cole, who is from Australia. As stumpwork goes, this is a small-scale design, with some very weeny sections in it – in fact, on her website, Alison describes this project as ‘The Miniature for Masochists with a Magnifier’!  To me, that simply sounds like a challenge I can’t ignore!

Alison’s website is lovely, and well worth a visit. I’ve not made any of her kits before, and I’m very impressed by this one so far.  The materials are all high quality. The fabric for this project is black delustered stain, which I will back with a piece of fine cotton, to prevent  puckering of the stitches, as this piece is quite densely stitched. The threads supplied are Cascade House overdyed threads. I was a bit bemused to find that whole skeins of each shade used are put in the kit, as this is only a small design, and some colours are only used in tiny amounts. Still, my stash can always take a little more! The goldwork threads included in the kit are really nice ones, such as 2 ply Elizabethan Twist, Bright Check Purl, etc. – in generous quantities, too. All the sizes of needle that I will need are included, from a fine beading needle up to a large 18 chenille needle, to be used more like an awl, to make holes so that the wired elements can be attached securely on the back. Felt to pad the raised pieces, and gold kid leather for some of the petals, along with wires for the detached elements, are included too. A selection of tiny beads and sequins, along with Gutermann thread for couching down the gold thread completes the materials.

All I need is a bit of time to get started…..


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10 thoughts on “Illuminated Floral Stumpwork Panel – 1”

    1. When I saw the photo of the kit on Alison’s website, I’d assumed the gold diamond would be appliqued fabric. But yes, it is painted on when the kit arrives (i.e. I don’t have to do it myself).

  1. Oh Janet you will love doing this!! I have just done a class with her in Wanaka, New Zealand. She is a fabulously talented lady and I am itching to do another of her projects. Enjoy!

  2. I have been looking forward to “following” you with a stumpwork project for some time, so am very pleased with your choice. I have almost finished the embroidery for a Quaker box from With my Needle, but don’t know when the box will be made!

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