It’s January Sale time for mini stitching kits for doll’s houses

It’s that time of year again – time to stock up on mini-stitching projects at bargain prices!


Everything on my doll’s house needlepoint kit website is in the January Sale – from needlepoint kits for doll’s house scale samplers, bolster cushions, wallhangings, etc., to supplies such as silk gauze in several different counts (from 32 up to 60 count). Charts as well as kits are in the Sale. The Sale starts today, so visit the website now to see what’s available. There are almost 200 kits for you to choose from – for beginners, how about a cushion kit or a round footstool? For more experienced stitchers, why not try a larger project such as a carpet or wallhanging? For those of you who prefer the finer count silk gauze, the Christmas stockings on 40 count are also in the Sale (get them finished VERY early, ready for next Christmas!). Even newly-released kits, such as the handbags, are in the Sale.


If you haven’t tried miniature stitching before, have a look at the Tutorials page of the website, where everything you need to know to get started is explained in detail, as well as instructions on how to finish each type of kit. Remember that post and packing is free, worldwide, on any order of £40 or more (under £40, there’s a flat-rate charge of £1.50 per order).

Everything is in stock and ready to go, so why not treat yourself with a stitching project to keep you busy during the coldest part of the winter?


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4 thoughts on “It’s January Sale time for mini stitching kits for doll’s houses”

  1. I have recently joined Stitchin fingers and came across your blog address, decided to have a look. Then as I scrolled down, finding beautiful things I was surprised by seeing the Celtic Autumn Lady in different colours. I completed this design last year using the colours as purchased and then this year have completed Celtic Winter. They are beautiful and I have the other 2 in the set to do but I am doing other things at the moment and am going to do some Elizabethan and Jacobean embroidery in the new year. The Celtic Autumn is beautiful and I find your selection of colours beautiful again. I am always amazed how different colours give another effect. Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum is a very talented designer and I have completed several of her designs. Your blog is fascinating and I shall continue to follow you. Thank you.

    1. My alternative colours Celtic Autumn is almost finished now – since starting it, I’ve found some finished versions in the ‘original’ colours online, and they look good too. But so many people seem to want to change the design to these autumnal shades. I think what might have put people off the original colours is the computer generated image that was used for the chart pack – it’s not very realistic, IMO. But the actual thread shades do look good when stitched up. Celtic Winter is on my ‘to do’ list for next year 🙂

      Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!

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