Celtic Autumn in alternative colours – 4

I’ve done 40 hours of stitching on this lovely design, now, and it’s looking like this:

Celtic Autumn after 40 hours of cross stitching

This was how it looked after 30 hours:

I’ve found it to be very relaxing doing the shading on the skirt, although I do need good light, as the shades are incredibly close, sometimes. If I put a piece of thread down, and don’t tie it onto its relevant skein, I might as well throw it away, as it’s sometimes impossible to be sure (especially with the terracotta shades) which skein it was originally from. The terracotta stripe at the back of the skirt, for instance, has three shades in it, but you’d hardly know, would you?

As with the shawl around the upper body, I’m not enjoying stitching the pale shades of the skirt on the pale fabric quite so much as the terracotta and green colours. I’m debating whether to get on with it and finish those pale colours on the whole design, just to get them out of the way!

I had my first bit of frogging (unpicking) to do during this ten hour chunk, too – I mis-counted while stitching the gold thread on the right hand side, as I planned out the medallions, so I had to undo the gold on four motifs and start again. NOT pleased with that!


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