Celtic Autumn by Lavender and Lace in alternative colours – 3

After thirty hours of stitching, my Celtic Autumn by Lavender and Lace looks like this:

My Celtic Autumn cross stitch picture, after 30 hours of stitching

This is what it looked like after twenty hours:

I’d been away from home last weekend, and really missed being able to put a few stitches in each evening. I can’t take this one with me when I’m not at home, as it’s large, and is attached to a 12 inch x 24 inch rotating frame, which I rest on my floor frame. I really must get a second project on the go, that is portable!!

The falling leaves adaptation to the Celtic Autumn chart

The leaves that are falling from the lady’s hands are an adaptation of the original chart. I saw them shown first on the Celtic Lady StitchA Long blog. I’ve now tracked down the chart for them, which was created by someone called Crystal (see her Webshots album here), but given to me by Nathalie (who created the beautiful Celtic Winter adaptation with a hood, in blue – see her website here). Are you still with me? Anyway, the leaves chart was hand drawn, and sent to me as a Word file, and it was quite small, so I had a bit of trouble working from it. Also, as the leaves are themselves small with a lot of detailed leaf indentations, it meant stitching them over one thread of the 28 count fabric with one strand instead of two, so I had to dig out my magnifer. Stitching the leaves took about three hours, but I’m very pleased with how they turned out. The original chart just had a spray of beads down the front and the back of the lady, but I don’t think that’s very ‘autumnal’. This variation, on the other hand, is great.

The other part I liked doing was the two border patterns. When it gets a bit repetitive to do the ‘filling in’ on the body of the lady, it makes a nice change to work on the borders.

I’ve started on the skirt, now – so far, I’m just filling in the edges of each area of colour, to define them a bit better.

And I’m still tempted to add a few beads, just to see how they’ll look….


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25 thoughts on “Celtic Autumn by Lavender and Lace in alternative colours – 3”

  1. This is just beautiful! I once saw photos elsewhere, but could not get information about it. I have looked at the links you provided, and I am just desperate to do this piece. Do you know how to contact Nathalie, or could you ask her on my behalf?


  2. She’s coming along beautifully Janet!
    The more I see of her the more I like this colour scheme but it’s put me in a big quandary. Mine hang in my bedroom and are changed around with seasons, well the one’s I’ve done so far are. The bedroom is mainly Aubergine in colour so the original shades with the Lavender will go well but I like these colours better…….oh what to do?

    Happy Stitching!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. This Autumn design will go beautifully in my living room, as the walls are soft terracotta….but when I do the ‘Spring’ design (in the original shades of yellow and hot lilac), it will look terrible! I haven’t got the space for 5 (eventual) pictures hanging around the house, so I think ‘terrible’ for part of the year it will have to be!!

  3. Is there a way to get the color chart that you used for the autumn graph? I like the colors and think I would rather do the chart in those colors than the colors that came with the graph.

  4. Hi,
    I love your work ! It’s just beautifull ! I know it’s a very long work to do this Celtic. I’ve allready does myself the three other, and I like ask you, if it would be possible to have the chart of the leaves, because I think something is missing in this one when you look the other one. Thank you so much.
    Have a nice day

      1. Dear Janet,

        I was searching for Autumn related embroidery, and the research led me to your blig. I love this embroidery of Autumn lady, and I would like to ask if you could please e-mail me the chart of this work?

        I would very much appreciate it.

      2. Hi Yana, I do not sell the full chart – it is available from Told in A Garden, under the brand name Lavender and Lace ‘Celtic Autumn’. If you search for that online, it should be easy to find a copy of the chart. I only have the extra chart for the hands holding the leaves. If that is what you wanted, please email me at janet@janetgranger.co.uk

  5. I just found the leaves chart through the Facebook group called “Lavender and Lace cross stitch group 2”. It’s in the files section. Maybe this info will help others who might be looking for it as well. Thank you.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you can please tell me what color cloth you used to stitch this piece on? I love the color scheme and would like to do the same. Thank you!

  7. Hello,

    This is a great blog on the Autumn Celtic Lady. It’s nice to find all this extremely helpful information about her and your tips in one place. I absolutely love the Autumn Celtic Lady you’ve done and would like to do the the autumn colors with leaves. Could you email me the leaves chart? Thank you so much. I’m so excited to get started!

  8. I charted the leaves in a word file which i then created a pdf of which is uploaded to the Facebook group called “Lavender and Lace cross stitch group 2”. It’s in the files section. Maybe this info will help others who might be looking for it as well. It’s slightly different than the one you have stitched. They are also stitched over 1. Thank you.

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