Cross stitch thread winder pocket – 3

Assembling the thread winder pocket wasn’t as traumatic as I’d thought – the backstitching around the edge of each piece just needed to be laced together, so as long as each side was lined up carefully, the actual lacing together was simple. A cardboard stiffener is included in the kit, to put inside the larger  square end of the winder pocket, to give it substance.

It’s a beautiful little ’embroidered small’ to add to my collection. A very pretty item from Just Nan – the first I’d made from their range.

The butterfly winder fits neatly inside the pocket.

This is the reverse of the winder pocket, showing the tiny white beads.

The press studs are sewn on last, to hold the small flap in place against the larger piece.

My ‘quick project’ finished!


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4 thoughts on “Cross stitch thread winder pocket – 3”

  1. This is just a stunning project. Beautiful design and beautifully stitched. I love the idea of the butterfly as a thread winder! It’s shape is perfect for that. I may be a bit biased toward this design because purple/violet is my favorite color and I love butterflies, but your stitching skills are also amazing.

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