How low have we sunk?!

During the past few days, with the UK media totally taken up with the looting and arson that has been going on in our major cities, several theories have been discussed as to how to deal with the  %&*^#  who have done these crimes.

One member of the public who expressed a view on a forum said that the young people (and it *is* mainly young people) should be locked up, and the boys made to do heavy manual labour, AND THE GIRLS MADE TO DO SEWING!!

Oh dear, sewing has now become a PUNISHMENT? Says it all, really.

Who was it who said that when a society doesn’t respect art, it is doomed?

An embroidered handbag made by me, for the sheer pleasure of doing it! The design is by Susan O’Connor, of Australia


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15 thoughts on “How low have we sunk?!”

  1. I just came over from CraftGossip to see your lovely handbag up close and to say I’m in awe is an understatement. It is totally beyond beautiful!! I’m in Canada and we’ve been following the news and seeing some of the sheer stupidity going on in your country and I have to say I am in total agreement with the heavy manual labour and maybe, if they insist that ‘sewing’ be used as a punishment, they should have to stitch and unstitch the same thing over and over, making sure the stitching is very boring. We can’t let them find out how much fun ‘real’ sewing is!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree that if people have to sew as a punishment it should be something boring. Or maybe, as they finished something worthwhile, someone else should be hovering at their shoulder with the Dreaded Stitch Ripper!
      The looters and arsonists are starting to appear in court here, and fortunately, they are getting as hard a sentence as the judges are allowed to hand down – and no-one’s getting bail, either.

  2. Wow! This gives me an amazing idea of how to use some needlepoint chair covers that my other stitched when I was a child. She passed away when I was ten, but I have held on to those chair covers all these years. May I ask how you attached your work to the purse closure? Are the instructions online for this? Thanks so much for this!

    1. It was an article in Inspirations magazine, issue 44 (published by Country Bumpkin, in Australia). They may have back copies still available. The purse frame has holes pierced all along the underside, and you first stitch the embroidered side to the frame with an overcast stitch, then put a lining inside the bag and stitch that on, too.

    1. I’m not sure how many hours it took, but it was about three months’ worth of ‘spare time’! But it was such an interesting project to do, it didn’t matter to me how long it took 🙂

  3. Hi Janet,
    wow ! Beautiful bag.You did a great job!.What type of linen did you use?.
    I came over from craftgossip and am glad that I found your blog.

  4. Your work is wonderful. You stitched great handbag and I like it very much.
    I would like to ask, where have you bought such a beautiful purse closure? I was searching for such beauties in the internet shops without success.

    1. Hi Agne,
      Thanks for your compliment about my stitching! I bought the purse frame from the Country Bumpkin website (as they were offering the frame for sale when the design for the bag had just been printed in the Inspirations magazine which they publish)- . But they don’t sell that one now, as that was a few years ago. It was very expensive, though 😦 Here is a good website as an alternative – I have recently bought a small purse frame from them. They are quick, and cheap! Hope this helps!

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