Read about how I started my miniature needlepoint kit business in the FREE ‘Artisans in miniature’ online magazine

This month, there is an article about how I started my miniature needlepoint kit business in the Artisans in Miniature online magazine.

This is an amazing magazine – if you haven’t come across it before, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

The tempting cover for this month’s issue of the Artisans in Miniature magazine


It’s created by professional miniaturists, to showcase their work to people who love minatures…but the difference between it and printed magazines is that this one is completely FREE!! That doesn’t mean, though, that it is low-quality. On the contrary, I decided to contribute towards the Artisans in Miniature magazine because when I saw the high quality of the magazine (its presentation, attention to detail and types of articles and how-to’s that it featured in each issue), I knew I wanted to be part of such a great project! Their main website is here.

The article about how I started my business (first half)

This is what you’ll find inside the February issue of the AIM magazine

This month’s issue has 140 pages, and the theme of the magazine this time is ‘shabby chic’. You can see from the image of the index page above that it promises lots – and you won’t be disappointed! In-depth articles, projects, gallery pages, and much more. Click here to browse the magazine now (don’t forget to look at pages 46 – 49, where the article about my miniature needlepoint kits appears ).


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2 thoughts on “Read about how I started my miniature needlepoint kit business in the FREE ‘Artisans in miniature’ online magazine”

  1. The back issues of AIM don’t seem to be available anymore. The link you’ve provided and the links on their website are broken. Do you know someone to contact to ask about it? I’ve emailed them and haven’t heard anything.

    1. The reply I’ve got from the editors of AIM about back issues is that because Scribd, who host the magazine online, have changed things, all the coding linking the back issues to the ‘Archives’ link on the AIM website needs to be re-coded by hand, which is taking ages – until that’s completed, the archives aren’t working.

      However, in the mean time, to access the back issues, go to the Artisans in Miniature website, click on the *current issue* (large image of the cover), and you’ll be taken to the Scribd website which hosts that issue. In the top left corner of the screen is the Scribd logo – click on that and you’ll go to the Scribd home page. Enter ‘Artisans in Miniature’ into the search box, and all the issues ever loaded by AIM will show up (39 issues) – clicking on each cover will open the issue for you.

      Not as easy as it should be, but for now this is the only solution, apparently!

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