Finished embroidery – it’s clearout time!

I have been having a serious clearout of  ‘stuff’ during the past few weeks, and now I’ve come across these embroidered pictures. Most of them were stitched over ten years ago, but I never got around to framing them. Now I’ve run out of wall space, so, realistically,  they’re never going to be displayed. None of them were designed by me, but where I know the designer, I have listed that in the item description.

I really enjoyed stitching them, but I’m sinking under the weight of all the STUFF, so some of it just has to go.

So, I’ve put them for sale on my website,

Victorian kitchen sampler designed by Mary Hickmott


Victorian nursery sampler designed by Mary Hickmott
Cornish cottage cross stitch picture
Cross stitcher’s poem


Skiiing surface embroidery picture


Dollhouse Needlepoint newsletter sign-up invitation

3 thoughts on “Finished embroidery – it’s clearout time!”

  1. I came to thank you for your comment on my Herrschner design and have been ‘wowed’ here by your fabulous stitching.
    Love the header too.
    I’ll be back to drool more asap.


    1. Thank you! The header is a photo of some stumpwork embroidery that I did a couple of years ago. It’s a handbag on black silk, designed by Susan O’Connor – a design in Inspirations magazine (from Australia).

  2. We literally see just about everything “rug”, but this blog is amazing. Love the miniatures, the photographs are so crisp and clean and the craftsmanship is clearly exceptional. We will check back in frequently! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

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