Finished embroidery: A Christmas design for a doll’s house …. in August!!

Several times a year, I bring out new designs for miniature needlepoint kits. Usually, the main batch is in the Spring, and then a smaller batch comes out in August. That means that the designs for the Christmas season have to be designed during the Summer (well, they don’t HAVE to be – but when it’s actually pre-Christmas and I’m *feeling* Christmassy, I haven’t got time to do any designing…). So, that means that when it’s the Summer, I’m designing for the Winter, which isn’t always easy. I can try putting on a CD of Christmas music, and I’d love to have a few mince pies to munch on, but really I just have to think myself into the Christmas mood without any ‘props’.

This year, though, it’s been easier than usual, as I’ve had an idea in mind for a new type of kit for a while now. The kits aren’t ready to go on sale yet (that should be in a couple of weeks), but I can’t wait till then to reveal one of the designs, which is now stitched and ready for the kit pack photography to be done.

‘Snowy village’ Christmas tree mat for a doll’s house

Da-dah!! It’s a Christmas tree mat in one twelfth scale (one inch to the foot). It measures just five inches across. It’s stitched in tent stitch and basketweave stitch using one strand of Anchor thread on 32 count silk gauze – that’s 1024 stitches per square inch.

This picture shows the tree mat ‘in use’, as it were – the tree itself is only five inches high

I’ve got two more Christmas tree mat designs almost finished, so by the end of August they should be all be available as kits from my website


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