Finished embroidery: my birthday gift of a gorgeous Indian bag

I had a birthday recently, and one of my presents was this beautiful embroidered bag from India. The embroidery is hand stitched using various shades of metal embroidery threads and ‘purls’.  Lots of sequins and tiny glass beads have then been stitched on to fill the gaps between the main design motifs.

The front of the bag is embroidered all over with metal threads, sequins and beads

The thick stems of the plants are stitched using short lengths of purl (tubular pieces of very thin, tightly wound wire), which are stitched down using a variation of stem stitch.

A close-up of the embroidery

The bag measures six inches by eight, and is embroidered only on the front – the back and the interior is plain red silk, padded quite thickly, to balance the heavy embroidery on the front panel.

Isn’t it lovely?!


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One thought on “Finished embroidery: my birthday gift of a gorgeous Indian bag”

  1. gorgeous…..I love beads and have knitted bracelets with silk and beads….
    I am busy looking at your embroidery kits. We have recently bought a dolls house and I have sent to the Knitting Lady and ordered needles and yarn to knit clothes with……
    Greetings from Lesley Carlsson

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