I’ve been embroidering tiny doll’s house footstools

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on embroidery designs for footstools for one twelfth scale doll’s houses, to add to the range on my website. They are now ready, at long last! 


Some of the doll’s house footstool designs, worked in tent stitch on 28 count evenweave fabric


These designs are a selection of what I have come up with – shown flat, just before they were mounted in the mahogany bases. When completed, the footstools measure one and a quarter inches in diameter, and just three eighths high, including the bun feet. I sell these as kits, and they are to be stitched in tent stitch (similar to half cross stitch) on 28 count evenweave fabric. This means that they are quite quick to do, as you only need to stitch the design detail – the background fabric is left showing, as it is already coloured. The kits contain an easy-to-assemble mahogany footstool kit, along with the stitching kit, and cost £8.95 each. There are eighteen designs to choose from altogether – most co-ordinate with carpets, bellpulls or cushions, too, if you like the ‘matching look’. There’s an online tutorial to show you exactly how to make one of these, here.

Three of the new doll’s house footstools


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