My doll’s house embroidery catalogue is now free to download

2009/10 mail order catalogue

There has been a paper catalogue available for the miniature embroidery kits that I design, that can be ordered online and posted out, for over ten years now. But I know that, when you want a thing, you want it NOW!! So, I’ve eventually got round to making the catalogue available in .pdf format, downloadable to your computer instantly, from this page on my website, so that you don’t have to wait for  postal delivery (and, even better, the .pdf version is FREE).

One of the eight pages of the catalogue that you can download for free, showing a selection of the doll’s house needlepoint carpets that you can make

It features all the doll’s house scale embroidery kits and charts (over 200), in full colour. At the moment, a supplement is also available, showing the very latest additions to the range, along with a price list. You can then print out the pages if you choose to, to browse through later when you’re not at your computer.

Of course, you can still order the paper version if you prefer to do that.

Soon, there will be the facility to download needlepoint charts direct to your computer, too, so watch this space!


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2 thoughts on “My doll’s house embroidery catalogue is now free to download”

  1. I was wondering if you could send me a cataloge cause I share the computer with someone that doesn’t like me downloading stuff to the computer

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