Making doll’s house furniture kits might get a bit easier, now…

This picture might not seem very exciting to you. To me, it is. Very. It’s a delivery of samples from a company that sells all shapes and sizes of plastic bottles.

A delivery of samples – the circular lidded pots are only an inch across

I’ve been trying to find a way of selling small amounts of wood stain and varnish, as a ‘Finishing kit’ to help people who want to make up the miniature furniture kits that I sell along with my doll’s house embroidery kits, for literally years. I’ve always felt that it’s a shame that the smallest ‘hobby size’ tins and bottles of stain and varnish are too large, and often very expensive – most of it ends up going to waste. You only need a tiny amount to finish a wooden chair that’s only three and a half inches high! A 250ml tin of wood stain, for instance, would last a lifetime.

I already sell an embroidery kit to make this chair, with a whitewood chair kit. Now, I’ll be able to sell a staining kit alongside it

Now, I’ve managed to find a supplier of the most dinky little bottles and jars, so I can finally start putting together a finishing kit that has just enough for a couple of kits, so that nothing goes to waste. So, soon there will be waxing kits and staining kits available from my website, to go alongside the embroidery kits.

These rectangular stools, stitched on 32 count silk gauze, co-ordinate with the chairs

What’s that saying? “If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for.” Seems to be the story of my life!


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