Haiti – the injustice of extreme poverty

Aid workers assisting a child in the rubble of Port au Prince

I sponsor two children though the children’s charity Compassion (one is in Uganda and the other in the Dominican Republic), and yesterday I received a letter from the CEO of Compassion, with an amazing statistic about the Haiti earthquake, which I’d like to repeat here:

” Don’t let anyone tell you this was simply a natural disaster, because what happened in Haiti is much worse than that. It was a human disaster; a consequence of the injustice of poverty. In 1994 an earthquake of similar magnitude struck Los Angeles, a city 10 times the size of Port au Prince. Sixty people perished that day; 230,000 died in Haiti so far. The difference? Inadequate building codes and standards, and the absence of lifting equipment and medical provision. All the consequence of poverty and neglect.”

The Compassion charity runs many projects in Haiti. 38 of them have either been destroyed or severely damaged.

If you are considering giving to any charity for the assistance of the people of Haiti, please consider Compassion. Their UK website is here, and the list of other countries that they operate in is here. You can either make a one-off payment for the Haiti Fund, or you may even want to consider sponsoring a child.


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