Finished embroidery – a room in my doll’s house

Miniature embroidery in my doll's house
Miniature embroidery in my doll’s house

These miniature embroidery pieces were designed and stitched by me over several years, but I always had in mind right from the beginning the idea to create a co-ordinating set of stitched pieces in gold and red tones.  To give you an idea of the scale (which is the standard collector’s scale of  what’s called ‘one twelfth’, by the way) –  the cushion measures an inch and a quarter across, the firescreen is two and three quarters high, and the carpet is six and a half inches wide.

The carpet is based on a ‘real’ one, in the Aubusson style, and stitched with Appleton’s crewel wool on 18 count canvas.  I then took motifs from that, and designed a matching bellpull on 32 count silk gauze (stitched with one strand of Anchor cotton), and the firescreen appeared soon after. All are available as kits from my website except for the footstool.


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2 thoughts on “Finished embroidery – a room in my doll’s house”

  1. Just WOW – that is some really beautiful work. Did you make the furniture as well? I just bought some floss today for the first time in years…I imagine it will be a while before I get good enough to attempt anything in that room…esp. since I was never *that* good with it to begin with. I am impressed, and inspired.

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

    I didn’t make all the furniture in this room. I made the bookcase on the far right, from a Mini Mundus kit. But the secretaire on the left was one that I bought, finished, from a maker called David Gooch. I bought it as he was just starting out, so his prices were very reasonable, as he was unknown in the doll’s house world. As his furniture got more sought after, the prices got too high for me, so I’m lucky to have the piece that I have!

    The miniature embroidery kits that I sell are actually a lot easier to make up than they look – and I’ve got free tutorials on my website to help you out, if you’re new to miniature stitching. Have a look at:

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